Getting Smart with Sparkly Snowflake Craft for Kids

Getting smart with sparkly snowflake craft for kids 22

Tools Wanted:

Elmer’s Glue, one small bottle per individual Q-tips, 30-60 per individual, or extra, relying on the quantity and measurement of snowflakes you need to make. Waxed paper, one 18 inch sheet per snowflake Glitter, elective (glitter glue additionally lends a neat impact)


Unfold a sheet of waxed paper on the desk floor. This will likely be your working house. Utilizing Q-tips, design a snowflake on the waxed paper. Q-tips could also be bent, damaged in two, or entirely used for different results. Usually, the tip with the cotton swab ought to create a nook with a neighboring swab.

A fascinating truth about snow crystals is that they’re made up of water molecules frozen to ice in a hexagonal lattice formation, which accounts for his or her six-fold symmetry. The perfect-looking, most actual snowflakes, due to this fact, are six-sided, though three-sided works properly too. Experiment by arranging three or six Q-tips in a sunburst trend, with one finish assembly within the center. These will likely be your stems. They’re utilizing extra Q-tip items, repeat patterns between the limbs. Remember that each Q-tip has to be linked to the entire.

When you could have completed your snowflake design, squeeze a puddle of Glue over every joint. Don’t skimp! Use a lot of Glue. A big pool is required to attach Q-tips. Don’t fret if the puddle spreads and loses shape-it will harden clear and contribute to the snowflake’s total crystalline impact. For a shiny result, shake the snowflake with glitter earlier than